Tenant Placement Services

Our Tenant Placement Service Includes

1. Perform a competitive market analysis to determine the current rental price for the property. 

2. Manage any repairs or updates needed before going to market.

3. Advertise the property on the Multiple Listing Service, and many other websites to get maximum exposure, and find a tenant as quickly as possible.

4. Provide online applications for interested tenants.

5. Screen all tenants through background checks, credit checks and employment verification

6. Preparation of a unique lease by our local real estate attorney.  All signatures are gathered and stored electronically, and shared through our online platform, dotloop.

7. Perform a complete walk-through of the property pre-move in. 

8. Assist tenants with the move in process, collect and disburse the security deposit. 

9. After move in, the owner is responsible for accounting of the security deposit, collection of rents, coordinating repairs and tax preparation. They will act as the landlord for their own property.